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One of the problems with referencing the work of others using URLs is that the work may move and the link becomes dead. The purpose of this page is to maintain the references that are used in the book. If you find that any of these become dead, please let me know (fsfa at digital-evidence dot org).

Part 1

Part 2
Volume Analysis
Part 3
File System Analysis
Ch 0: Preface Ch 4: Volume Analysis Ch 8: File System Analysis
Ch 1: Investigation Ch 5: PC Partitions Ch 9 & 10: FAT
Ch 2: Computer Ch 6: Server Partitions Ch 11, 12, & 13: NTFS
Ch 3: Acquisition Ch 7: Multiple Disk Ch 14 & 15: ExtX
    Ch 16 & 17: UFS



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Chapter 1 - Investigation Foundations

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Chapter 2 - Computer Foundations

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Chapter 3 - Hard Disk Data Acquisition

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Chapter 4 - Volume Analysis

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